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You can put your bathroom scale in a closet for a while because when you follow this diet you won’t need it…unless you need to weigh packages for shipping. In fact you won’t need to count calories or buy premade meals or follow any regimented meal plan.


"As a recent college graduate who had just entered the workforce, I found that my stress levels, eating habits and sleeping patterns were all out of whack. The Zero Stress Diet helped me spot which foods were causing my stress and it's been much easy than I expected to eat differently."
- Meghan B, Nonprofit Coordinator

The Zero Stress Diet starts where you are. No sudden demands on your lifestyle, just some very easy to understand information that helps you upgrade your diet to the foods that give you lots of energy and reduce the foods that mess up your body chemistry and produce stress.


With this diet you will never feel that inner conflict of being good when you follow the plan or bad when you don’t. That’s just silly and causes more stress! The Zero Stress Diet is just the opposite. The goal of this diet is to reduce your stress and increase your overall health. You can go as fast or as slow as you want.


When you break the stress cycle you give trillions of cells in your body a vacation from stress and a chance to heal. You are likely to look and feel younger. Your body effortlessly balances at its optimum weight and you may even rediscover an enthusiasm for life that you haven't felt for years!

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