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    Stop Your Anxiety & Start Living Well

    These 4 Short Audio or eBooks Can Show You How!

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    Start With The Zero Stress Diet

    Discover The Foods That Help You

    Stop Your Anxiety & Start Losing Weight!

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    Next, Listen To Zero Stress Relationships

    Forgive The PastTo Heal YourRelationshipsToday!

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    Then Get Zero Stress Transitions

    Stop Overwhelm & Build Self-Confidence

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    When You Are Ready...
    Listen To Zero Stress Prosperity

    Learn How To Create The Life You Really Want!

How Stressed Are You? Download Your Free Stress Test Today & Find Out!
Then Learn How 4 Short Audio or eBooks Can Help You Relax & Enjoy Life!

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The Zero Stress Diet

1Are you eating "foods" that are causing anxiety and preventing you from looking and feeling your best?

Zero Stress Relationships

2Is your stress level affecting your relationships? Is something from your past holding you back?

Zero Stress Transitions

3Would you like to remove the stress from your next life transition? Learn the 3 things you need to know.

Zero Stress Prosperity

4If you understood how to relax and add meaning to your life, could you create the life you've always wanted?

Dan Kass

Life & Wellness Coach



Dan is a certified wellness coach who works with individuals in small teams on breakthrough wellness and life coaching strategies.

Zero Stress Living - Life & Wellness Series Author & Coach

Dan Kass is a certified wellness coach and bestselling author who works with individuals and small teams on breakthrough life and wellness coaching strategies. His books have been used to create interactive eLearning programs for forward thinking corporations and universities interested in increasing employee productivity, while significantly reducing healthcare costs.


Dan has been working with people on their health and wellness issues since 1989. He began his career as a biomedical engineer and then worked for ten years as a coach, teacher, researcher and consultant for a top natural supplement company.


His unique background gives him a strong balance in western medicine coupled with decades of experience in integrative health practices including traditional Chinese medicine, nutrition, medicinal herbs, homeopathy, biofeedback and nutritional supplements. Dan has also trained extensively in the behavioral sciences including: DMA, NLP and Internal Family Systems.


Dan is a graduate of Babson College and is active in their Coaching for Leadership Program mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs.


For The Zero Stress Coaching Series


"As a recent college graduate who had just entered the workforce, I found that my stress levels, eating habits and sleeping patterns were all out of whack. The Zero Stress Living Coaching Books were my ticket to a better balance for my adult life. It was a crash course in how to be happy in the real world!"
— Meghan B, Nonprofit Coordinator

"Like a mind-body makeover presented by a good friend, this program is incredibly comprehensive and offers new solutions to old problems. The coaching sessions are perfect company for the drive to work and Dan's positive ideas resonate throughout the day."